The APDA was formed in 1946 by power dispatchers of the electric utilities of the northwestern U.S. who believed the Association would be of benefit to themselves and management. It is a national organization of over 1400 system operators and load dispatchers from the U.S. and Canada who together control the interconnected electric power system. The Association takes pride in the following main objectives and believes that all electric utility Power System Operators can and should follow them conscientiously: 
bulletTo encourage and promote the formulation and attainment of high professional standards among power system operators.
bulletThe facilitation of the interchange of ideas and information.
bulletThe development of spirit of fellowship among Power System Operators.

You may apply for membership by contacting the Upper Midwest Area Treasurer;  Todd Gosnell.

           Click here for the APDA Member Application Form.

The APDA is Not a Labor Organization 

The Association does not now, never has, and never will take the place of a labor organization. The Association is primarily interested in the improvement of Power System Operations as a profession.